Monday, January 23, 2017

San Vicente Ferrer Quasi Parish (Vito, Sagay)

Yesterday, me and hubs decided to proceed on having our car blessed in Vito Church.  After so much planning and postponement after we got Sitti (Navara), it was only yesterday that we went.

Prior to this, my mother-in-law joined her friends to a trip to the said church in the baranggay of Vito to have her friend's daughter's new car blessed.  They live in La Carlota and they will be travelling for approximately 3 hours with no traffic.  Ron and I are based in Bacolod and we will endure almost 90 km of travel equivalent to 2 hrs.  So why endure such long distance travel?

San Vicente Ferrer Parish is quite popular.  Crowds of people from all walks of life flocks the church to pray and offer candles with faith and hope to the church patron, St. Vincent Ferrer, who is believed to intercede for the granting of one's petition and prayer.  A lot of devotees pray for good health, for safe travels, for safe delivery of pregnant women, before taking the board exams etc. etc.

We arrived at the church at 12 NN, a bit hungry but we decided to get Sitti blessed before eating.  The  church was empty since morning mass has ended.  There are numerous ladies selling rosaries, scapulars and other religious items which greeted us and persuading us to purchase.  We already got a rosary for Sitti which we intend to include in the blessing.  We were directed to go to the priest's "house" which is located right in front of the church.

While waiting for the priest, I decided to take some photos of the place.

A few minutes later, 3 motorists arrived to have their motorcycles blessed.  The priest later came out and began blessing the vehicles and their respective owners.  He was very keen as to shower as much area of the vehicle with the holy water.  Aside from the car's engine, he urged us to open the car so he can blessed the seats as well as the back of the truck.

Before leaving, I asked the office for some candles so I could pray for our petitions.  They were selling candles at 5Php and 10php depending on the size of the candle. I bought 5 of the big candles.

I lit my candles before the image of San Vicente Ferrer.  I noticed how the cemented area just below the candles are full of melted wax scorched under the heat of the sun.  I silence, I prayed.

Before leaving the area we went back to the Parish Church for a photo of the church.

How to go there:

1. Via Public Transport:
     1.1 Ride to Escalante City via Ceres at the North Bus Terminal.  Fare for aircon bus is Php 145 pax
     1.2 Get off at Crossing Vito (just inform the bus driver and conductor)
     1.3 Get in a tricyle and get off at the San Vicente Ferrer Parish Church

2. Via Private Transport
     2.1.  From Bacolod drive north passing through Talisay, Silay, EB Magalona, Victorias, Manapla, Cadiz until you reach Sagay.
     2.2   Before reaching the arc that says, "Welcome to Escalante", turn left. There is signage that says Brgy. Vito.
     2.3  Drive further for another 10-15 minutes until you reach the church which is at the left side.


San Vicente Ferrer Quassi Parish
Brgy Vito, Sagay

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