Monday, January 16, 2017

My love for baking.

Not a year long ago, I decided to be a homebased baker.  Because I have no 8-5 job and the business is manageable, I decided to make pastries to sell to friends and family.  I started with cookies and later on brownies.  It was not my first venture with the oven but this is the first time that I sell the food that I make.  I had only one reseller who works in the BPO industry and my products were selling like peanuts. I then took on orders from clients who stumble upon my Facebook Page.

And then it stopped.  Because selling at their office was banned, my partner could no longer do his side of the business.

From time to time, I continue to bake for my family. I post my work on Facebook and Instagram to celebrate my kitchen success.

But it was only last Christmas that a friend urge me to bake her a chocolate cake.   Although I have not mastered that cake totally, I gave in.  It was a total disaster.  The icing was all over the place.  Good enough, it tasted so so good that she recommended me to one of her friend.

Last week's schedule is full in terms of baking cake orders and making some milk candies. But more than the orders, I was really thankful for the improvement of my work and for the time management skills I have acquired, juggling work, chores, our food kiosk business and making the cakes.  I am overwhelmed to be able to push beyond my limits, taking orders I never have done quite impressively yet.

I baked a chocolate cake for Rhea's baby who turned 10 months.  I appreciate their monthly celebration of their child's milestone that they really bring her a cake on her day.  I would say, my chocolate cake has gone 360 degrees in terms of decorations.  I still think it is simple but I could now say it is pretty and quite festive.
Birthday cake for Baby Vinhea.  Inpiration from pinterest.

And there was a wedding cake order before the year ended scheduled for last Saturday.  It was my first wedding cake and my first 2-tier cake.  I have done research and watched numerous videos on this to prepare myself.  But amidst all that, it was no easy peasy..From Friday evening until Saturday noon, I was baking and decorating, turning our kitchen into chaos.

But thank you Lord, I survived.  It was not at all pretty.  I still need lots of practice.  I even thought of taking a cake decorating class.  The problem is I can't find a class that is scheduled on a weekend.  So I'm back to youtubing again.

An amateur's work.

And before the week ended, we got an order of our milk pastillas (200 pcs) which we have started just a week ago when we put them on display at our food kiosks.
Milk candies or Pastillas rolled in sugar. 

This week is exhausting but this baker is not complaining! I need all the orders I can get to get me on track and to improve my skills.  Thank you Lord for the bounty and blessings.

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