Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Homemade Icecream

I love homemade or do it yourself projects.  So even with food, I enjoy whipping up things and feeding all of them to my husband.  Aside from cakes, I love icecream!  Especailly chocolate icream! I love them so bad that  I have been looking for some industrial icecream maker so I could have icecream whenever I can.  So two nights ago, I tried making homemade icecream without an icecream maker.  YES, you read it correctly, icecream without an Icecream maker!

This dessert is timely as Summer is fast approaching.. we could surely beat the summer heat with a bowl of icecream,
So below are the ingredients and the steps and it is as easy as it can getsh, andy whenever we like it.

 photo 2015-02-04 22.34.06.jpg

Icecream Base:
2 packs of All Purpose Cream
1 can of condensed milk

1.  In a bowl, whip all purpose cream until it doubles in volume.
2.  Fold condense milk and continue whipping with a mixer until it thickens.
3.  Refrigerate for an hour.
4.  Remove from freezer and give another 15 minutes of mixing.
5.  Send it to the freezer for another hour.
6.  Add flavor of your liking.  You may fold crushed oreos, cheesecake, chocolates, marshmallows, fruits, nuts.  Anything you like and anything you crave.  I added chopped cheddar cheese in our icecream because that's the only thing available.  Send it to the freezer for hardening.

As an advice, you may put portions of icecream base in clean mason jars and add your flavor so that you may enjoy plenty of icecream flavors in this one batch of icecream base.

Enjoy your icecream friends!

I find the 2:1 proportion too sweet, you may lessen the condensed milk suited to your sweetness preference.


  1. Reg, I also made this last week. I made mine with chocolate chips and marshmallows. :)

  2. Kat, what is ypur icecream base? Im thinking of substituting a pack of all purpose cream with milk...


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