Saturday, October 19, 2013

Love is a Decision

Ron is once again in the Sanitarium. Stroke. Mild, but at his age, it is alarming to actually have it. As I watched him at the ER, his left body numbed, his speech at a half slur, I could not imagine how I was still standing there. I am about to marry this man. Am I prepared for the worse? Or maybe perhaps, your question is, have I stayed, or have I flown free while I had the chance?

Yet, I stood there. Watched him. Listened to the doctors. Waiting. I held his hand from time to time. It was more of strengthening me than me encouraging him.

It was an easy thing to go. Love, above mercy or duty, made me stay. Because I know, even if I leave, I would never be happy without him. I am ready for what is beyond. Health, weakness, tragedy and joy, as long as he holds my hand, we can overcome. I am ready for marriage. I am ready for a life with him.

Less than a month now, we will say our I Dos. I am in no apprehension. I am in no doubt of my decision to stand before God with Him. I love him. THAT IS THE DECISION.


  1. i'm so proud of you. very inspring story. congratulations on your big day! keep it up!



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