Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We are Sodam-ofied at Sodam Korean Restaurant

Last night's dinner with Ron was at Sodam Korean Restuarant. I've seen how it is full packed every night whenever we get to pass by the resto coming from Murcia.  We never came around to stopping by until last night.

We arrived at the time when only a table is free as a gastronomically satisfied family left it for cleaning.  That is how jampacked it was for a Wednesday night.  We were welcomed to a well lit and homey diner.  Korean music at a full blast creating a KPop vibe, and air-condition at full swing for a comfy feel.  There is a certain glow in the restaurant contributed by both lighting and pink walled interiors.  I love the fact that customers are not mostly Korean which means Bacolodnons have welcomed the Korean culture and cuisine.

After the table has been cleared, we were served with kimchi, a famous Korean side dish/appetizer which is fermented cabbage and sliced raddish all of which is on the house.  While picking on our kimchi, we dived into their menu.  Full of pictures, English translations and description, we were guided on what we would stuff our hungry tummies.

 photo DSC_1084.jpg
Kimchi anyone?

Sodam means looking delicious and that is what Sodam Korean Restaurant promised it customers: for them to have a Sodam-ly dining experience.  And surely SKR has fulfilled that promised.

We got Samgyeopsal, Korean grilled pork belly and O-dam |Bulgogi, a spicy sweetish squid and pork bulgogi.  Since my tolerance of spicy is not that high, Ron requested a moderately spiced bulgogi. We added rice to our order.

 photo DSC_1100.jpg

Their Samgyeopsal is good enough for 3 people while the Bulgogi could be shared by 4-5people. We were taking our time as it was too many.

 photo 79b19efa-4a24-44ca-aa56-83b2bc926ee2.jpg
Odam Bulgogi is hot fun!

 photo DSC_1102.jpg
The owner's mom mixing our bulgogi from time to time.

What I liked about SKR is that their owners roam around checking on customers, asking about their food, suggesting drinks, or a refill of kimchi. We got another round of fresh lettuce free of charge at the suggestion of the owner. After that, he asked Ron's permission if he could give me a free Icecream.... Oh my Melona!!!! I was overjoyed of course.

 photo DSC_1103.jpg

Ron and I were the last customers of Sodam. We were not able to finish the Bulgogi. So we have it packed for my family. The owners also gave us extra Kimchi to bring home.

Sodam is a bit pricey for Bacolod standards but the restaurant were generous with their serving and with the freebies you wouldn't mind spending for a good dining experience. We had a grand time and we are coming back for sure.

Sodam Korean Restaurant
Lacson St.,
Bacolod City

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