Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer ain't Over at Carbin Reef

I have been longing to hit the beach since summer.  So even if the clouds are here bringing the rainy season, I was not stopped to hit one of Negros Occidental's quick escape destination, Carbin Reef.  I pleaded my boyfie to bring me along to their team building and good thing, his officemates didn't seem to mind.

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Tagging along. I'm going to Carbin Reef!!!

Carbin Reef is a small islet in Sagay City, in the northern part of the province.  Considered a sand bar, its length.  From Bacolod you would pass by 5 cities and municipalities namely Talisay, Silay,  EB Magallona, Victorias, Manapla, and Cadiz.  I live in Talisay, thus I waited for the company bus holding the other 20 trippers.  From my point at Talisay, it takes another hour to an hour and a half to reach Sagay.

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Our gateway to Carbin Reef

Sagay, we gathered our stuff (mostly food), and waited at the port while the group's "Team Leader" pay for the entrance and the banca.  Our bus went back to Bacolod and will only fetch us in the afternoon after we have consumed all excitement over Carbin Reef.

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Our banca

We loaded the trigger boat that would bring us to the little paradise.  Before leaving the port, we
were provided with life vest which we are required to wear for safety.  The boatman also gave us a short introduction of Carbin Reef and the rules in the island.

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And we are here!!! Carbin Finally!

After a short 30 minutes, we stepped foot on the white sands of  Carbin.  We head straight to one of the shelters of the island. 

 photo Carbin-Blog-6.jpg
Our shelter for the day

 photo CarbinBlog-8.jpg

While the others prepare for food, we rushed to the sea for a dip. I for one could not resist the waves calling as they crached into the sand.  My boyfriend who practically breathes underwater, gave in to temptation as well.

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He is loving the beach

The beach of Carbin Reef slopes steeply, so for weak swimmers, it is best to be on the safe side or wear your lifevest.  If you are into snorkeling, rent out snorkels at the Museo as there are not available at the island.

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There are no convenience stores in the island nor toilet, so bring all your food and water along, likewise do your personal stuff before you leave the mainland. Grills are provided in each shelter so you can cook your fish or meat.

I  enjoyed the sand, the sun and the sea.  I would have lazed around in a sarong, only if we didn't have guys who seem not to have witnessed a lady in a bikini who gives comments on your swim suit and stares as if you were naked. But minus that, it was one great experience. It was my much needed escape from the busy Bacolod.
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How to get to Carbin Reef
  • Catch a bus going to Sagay at the Ceres North Terminal. Fare is at 89Php.
  • Get off at Sagay Transport Terminal.
  • Catch a tricycle going to the Sagay Port.  From this port, you may ride a banca to Bantayan Islands as well.
  • Pay your fees at the Museo ng mga Bata\
  • Ride your banca and enjoy the islands

Love's a beach! I'm sending awesomeness and love towards your end.
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