Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wonder Full Show at Marina Bay Sands

My cousin Mary Rose, with husband and 2 daughters, are here at Singapore.  So I spent the whole day as their tourist guide.  I'm no expert with Singapore actually, but among my relatives here, I am the only one available.

So we went to the Marina Bay after we have dropped off their things at their hotel.  Pictures were taken at the Esplanade, Merlion Park and the skyscraper.  We then had dinner at the Lau Pha Sat Market which is miles away (a local told us that its only a 5 min walk, but it was more than that!!!).  After, we strolled towards the Marina Bay Sands to just experience the place.

We are meaning to catch "i light", which is the first sustainable light art in southeast asia, which will happen at the Waterfront.  But good thing we exited at the Promenade (after doing some window shopping) and have seen tourists sitting facing towards the skyscraper.  What is also peculiar is the numerous of photographers setting up their cameras so we thought that we are at the right place.

So we took our seats and waited.  At first it was all just the lights from the buildings in front of us.  My cousin was thinking it would be similar to Hongkong's light show but we were up for a different treat.

Sorry for the video... I only had my hand as tripod.. 

With the skyscraper as background, water and lights played before us accompanied by music and sound. Dubbed as Wonder Full, the show uses electric light and laser effects, to tell the story of the journey of life.  We were left to nothing but to enjoy a stunning masterpiece of visual effects composed of lasers, searchlights, LEDs, video projectors and giant streaming water screens.

Some facts:
--  The soundtrack is on air live through 103.9 FM, which is Marina Bay Sands official radio station.  The sound was recorded by a 140 piece orchestra and was conducted and arranged by Iskandar Ismail and Daryl  Ang.

Laservision, the hand behind the multi-display media attraction, controls its technical wizardy in exact timing.  It took about 3 years and 100 architectural, design, creative, musical, engineering, technical and IT specialists to develop the show.

Event Plaza at the Promenade

Wonderful is shown nightly, with permitting weather.

Sundays to Thursdays: 8 PM and 9:30 PM
Fridays and Saturdays: 8 PM, 9:30 PM and 11 PM

Length of Show: 15minutes




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    1. Thanks for appreciating the blog. Hope you could visit my blog more often.

  2. It should be in your title "Marina bay sands" not "Manila bay sands" ;-) cheers!

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. Already corrected it! =)



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