Thursday, March 1, 2012

St. Andrew's Cathedral

I'm not a frequent church goer.  I'm not religious but I pray.  I say sorry because I've sinned.  I seek for God's grace when I am in a crossroads.  I asked for guidance when I am troubled or in doubt. I continuously seek for blessings.

I believe in Divine intervention.

So now that I am looking for a job in SG and to trying broaden my horizon, I often than not find myself going into churches to seek for God's mercy and compassion for my future.

After going through with the ICA and Lucky Plaza, I scanned the map for the nearest church and seen St. Andrew's Cathedral.  The cathedral is said to be the largest in Singapore being the center of the Diocese of Singapore.

St. Andrew's Cathedral

I would like to share with you some parts of the Cathedral of which is interesting.

When you enter the Cathedral by its main door in the font, you will be welcomed by the Baptismal Front, which is placed at the entrance into the Nave to signify that as one enters the kingdom of God through Christ, he has to respond to His command to be baptised in water.
Baptismal Front

In the very front of the Cathedral is the Lord's Table.  Just like the last supper where Christ shared dinner with his beloved disciples, Christians gather around the Lord's Table to eat the bread and drink the wine, representing the body and blood of Christ, in accordance with Jesus' command to do this in remembrance of Him.
Lord's Table at the center (draped in violet because its the Easter Season)

As a backdrop of the Lord's Table are the East Windows where the Centre, North and South Light passes through. The Centre Light is in memory of Sir Stamford Raffles, founder of modern Singapore.  The North and South Light are in memory of Sir John Crawford, Governor of Singapore from 1823-1826 and Mar. Gen. William Butterworth, the Governor in 1843 to 1855, respectively.

East Windows

At the left side of the Lord's table is the Lectern, where the Bible passage are being read.  It is shaped after a flying eagle perched on a globe to signify that God's Word should be proclaimed and shared throughout the world.


The Pulpit is where the Word of God is preached.  It is made in Sri Lanka in 1889.  Behind is a cross by the wall which they named Coventry Cross, named after the the Coventry Cathedral because it is made from the nails recovered from the ruins of the said cathedral.


As I've looked around the church, it also has a lot of tomb stone by its wall.  What is good about the church is that there is big TVs for people seated at the back so that they would see and hear the priest during the mass.

Tombstone inside

TV Screens everywhere

Somehow, saying a prayer eased my doubts.  I always find solitude in a church. =)

St. Andrew's Cathedral is open to the public and is easily accessible through the City Hall MRT (Exit B).

St. Andrew's Cathedral
11 St. Andrew's Road
Singapore 178959

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