Sunday, March 11, 2012

Novena Church

Sanctuary.  I have always searched for one during difficult times.  It is a haven when you feel you're world is crumbling and nothing seems to be falling in place.

Novena Church

I have found mine in churches.  But among all the churches I have been into in Singapore (I've been in 3 already), it is the Novena Church that I always go back to often, though out of my route most of the time, just because I felt I have found some solace in there.  The familiarity of faces, kneeling down and praying, seemed to refill my shallow well of hope.

The strong belief of Catholics in Singapore will make you feel you are not alone in your plight, whatever they may be.  That your prayers will be answered and that miracles will happen in your life.

Inside the church

Many devotees come to the Church to pray and ask intercession to the Mother of Perpetual Help.  As I've said in my previous posts, I am not religious.  But I must say I believe in the Divine Power and the power of praying for yourself and for others.  I believe in seeking help from others for prayers.  I believe in power in numbers that's why I seek help from others to pray for me as well, the Blessed Mother most especially.

Mother of Perpetual Help

Everytime I get out of the Novena Church, I am recharged, refueled to continue my journey.  =)

As some may not believe in what I have written above, this posts is not for debate nor to convert others.  I just want my religious beliefs heard and respected.

Novena Church
300 Thomson Rd.,
Singapore 307653

MRT:  Novena

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