Sunday, February 26, 2012

Touchdown KL, Commuting to SG

I am now at Singapore trying to look for a job and continue off my life.  I have planned on doing this for such a while now but it was only now that I have decided to come here.  I was issued an Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate by the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore.  It certifies that I am qualified to work and be given an Employment Pass should a company hire me. My certificate has only 2 years validity and I wouldn't want to miss my opportunity that's why I went here.

So I left last Saturday via Clark.  I have previously booked a vacation to Kuala Lumpur with my Mom and my brother but plans changed and it is not a priority financially, so they don't want to I proceeded with half of the plan that after touring KL, I would go to Singapore to find work.

It was harder for me at the Immigration.  In the Philippines, I was questioned why my family won't go and what will I do in Kuala Lumpur without them when my reason was a vacation.  And I was asked what my current working status is which I have to lie.  I told the officer of my previous position at Manila Water without telling him that I actually resigned from work.  When I was searched for a company ID, I told him that I left it and only brought my PRC License.  I told him that I have gone out of the country for so many times and it was only now that I was asked of my company ID,  although this is a repeat of our South Korea.  

After the agoning 15 minutes of interrogation, I got my stamp and I passed through the Philippine Immigration.  I think it was the longest 15 minutes I ever had and I have to be composed the whole time!

I touched down the Low Cost Carrier (LCC) Terminal in Kuala Lumpur.  It was such a breeze when I went through the Immigration.

After that I rode the bus going to KL Central but got off at the Puduraya Bus Station where there are buses to Singapore.  But I hated the fact that there seems to be no system in the area.  There are just guys issuing tickets.  There was no bus going straight to Singapore but only until Larkin Terminal.  So I took an Ekspress Bus with 45 Ringgit.  From the Larkin Terminal, I got a SBT Bus to Singapore with only 2.60 Ringgit.

After getting out of the Malaysian Embassy, I found a friend in the name of Mr. Lee while waiting in queue for the bus. It was somewhat tough at the Singapore Immigration.  While answering the arrival card, an immigration security requested for my passport and asked a few questions.  That was not the official questions yet.  Then I have to face the Immigration Officer and I was bombarded with a lot more questions.

Eventually, I got passed and entered Singapore.  My next problem was to contact my cousin.  My globe roaming was not activated so my phone was useless the whole travel time.  Good thing, Mr Lee was generous, he allowed me to call my cousin so that I could finalize our meet-up point.

And he was more generous when he came with me to the agreed place to endorse me to my cousin.  

So I'm job hunting now... and hopefully will get to work.  I feel homesick sometimes but I always recall my journey coming here...With all the trials, conquering them and the help that the Lord God has given me just to arrive in Singapore safe and sound, I really can't lose hope whenever I feel that I'm all alone here. =)

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