Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sagada Day 2: The Strength of the Mighty Bomod-ok Falls

After a big breakfast at the Shanghai House, the group prepared for the hike and a nature trip to the Bomod-ok Falls.  We were told that we could take a dip so we brought along extra clothes and some sunblock to shed our skin from the sun.

We loaded our van and approached Brgy. Fedilisan where the Information Center is located.  We fetched our tourguide and  Kuya Allan (from Pilipinas Roadtrip) paid 10Php per person which will go to the maintenance and development fund of the area.

The trek is about an hour (more if you walk slow) along the walkways of Bangaan Rice Terraces.  The weather was good, the sky was clear and blue, the sun is up yet there is breeze to cool you down.  It was a long walk but the view of the terraces and the people doing their daily activities at the rice paddies is a sure treat to the eyes. 

When we reached some boulders, the rush and might of Bomod-ok Falls could be heard as its waters hits the river below it. Excited, we hurriedly went towards more boulders for a great photo. 

While my friends are busy changing into their swimwear, I was ready for photo opportunity ala postcard!  Hahaha!!  I didn’t bother changing into a proper swimwear because the water is as cold as its surrounding, even colder perhaps.  And true enough, once my toes stepped into the waters, I shivered like crazy.  But once the rest of my body got submerged, I got used to the temperature and I only felt cold whenever I get off the water and the breeze touch my skin.

We gathered for a picnic over the food and drinks brought by Kuya Allan. It was a chance to recharge our body from all the walk we did.  Pictures are till nonstop as the group is truly a picture happy one.
Just after noon, we decided to head back for a late yet proper lunch.  It was a tiring trek going back… the walking sticks provided by our guide did its magic as it proved to be helpful.

Tired as we are, we are extremely blessed for such experience. And we were looking forward for the afternoon activities that awaits.

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