Sunday, February 5, 2012

Next Fall: Loving Against all Odds

Loving despite the odds.  I think that is the main story of the 5 year relationship of Adam (Bart Guingona) and Luke (David Bianco) in Next Fall, the latest offering of Repertory Philippines.
Adam, a middle aged atheist fell in love with the young Luke, a religious Born Again Christian.  Amidst differences in religious beliefs and the conflict between their sexuality and religion, Adam and Luke showed the world that they do love each other.


The play opened with a car crash and sirens.  Luke got into a car accident and as his friends, Adam and Luke's divorced parents await for his recuperation at the New York City Hospital, Adam struggles with his position in Luke's life as his 5-year long partner and with Luke's parents who doesn't know who he is and that their son is gay.  Flashbacks of how their relationship started, their arguments about religion and their last conversation before the accident.


With only 6 characters, it is quite amazing to bring out such an amazing story full of issues and conflicts.  The play is very heartwarming, relatable, real and a reflection or a glimpse of the struggles of the gay members of our society.  Though, the setting is very Americanized, it still didn't fail to bring out the conflicting issues of homosexuality and Christianity.

Superb acting from Bart Guigona and Miguel Faustman (Luke's father), all deserved rounds of applause. Likewise the simple set-up of a waiting room that transforms into an apartment, a hospital room and a secluded area in a party.

Next Fall is a play by Geoffrey Nauffts, shown in Broadway and has won Tony Awards in 2010.

Photo Credits:  Repertory Philippines and JR Sala

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  1. I'm a fan of theater myself. It is very expensive though.



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