Friday, February 3, 2012

Moving on to the Next Adventure

I have walked away from the playground that I had for 4 years.  Today is my last day of work.  I'm sad but somewhat relieved.  My decision to resign from work is simply a plan that I kept on postponing only to let myself drown into the the routine and the self pity.  I was not totally happy but because of the day to day learnings I have picked up from time to time, it has held me for four years and more.  And then I got into a graduate program I have been praying for for years, in UP, a stone throw away from where I work so what better way to hang around while doing the program.

But then, when you come to the a point when you find yourself back into the routine of work, questioning whether or not you are growing, until you will just find the guts to say that, I am fine and I am done.  I'll move on to the next adventure.

And that's what I did exactly.  I moved on to the the next adventure life will be throwing at me.  I don't have a concrete plan just yet but I will surely figure it out soon. =)

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