Monday, February 27, 2012

MOM, I got my EPEC, now what?

As I’ve said in my previous post, I was issued of an Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate by the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore last year.It was only now that I came to Singapore to take the next step.

 As per instruction in my certificate, I am entitled to apply for a Long Term Visa Pass (up to 12 months) for me to stay in Singapore long enough to find work.

Immigration and Customs Authority
So today, I went to Immigration and Customs Authority to apply for an LTVP.  Pre-warned by my aunt who have worked in SG for more than 20 years, there are a lot of people at ICA so I better leave the house early.  But when I arrived, there is not much people unlike in the Philippine Government Agencies.

The small crowd  is due to the efficient system of employing computers for applications.  So I was directed to an e-ICA kiosk of which, there’s an ICA employee assisting users of what to do.  After a few clicks, I found myself answering the questionnaire for the LTVP application.  Then my photo was scanned.  Afterwhich I was asked to pay 30SGD through credit card in the same kiosk. And I was done.  The whole process didn’t even last for 20 minutes.

I just love their system.  It was a breeze.  No wonder Singapore is a first world country.  The employees know what to do or what to advice enquiries. They employ technology for the public’s convenience.  Two thumbs up for ICA.  I’m impressed!

I ask for your prayers.  I hope to get my LTVP approved and released ASAP.

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  1. If you fill your forms correctly and all your eligibility documents are right in place then you stand a good chance of getting a Singapore Long Term Pass. However from 1st September 2012 the rules for Long Term Visa are going to be strict, as the Government wants to moderate the growth of Singapore non resident population.



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