Sunday, January 8, 2012

Understanding A - H*les and Emotional Nagging Shopaholics through Defending the Cavemen

A gazillion of talk shows have discussed male and female differences.  Books have been written on why both sexes is an individual in itself yet needs to interact. A thousand movies and tv series have depicted excerpts of each paradigm.  Why man act the way they do is a mystery to women and why women actually have"superpowers" is an amazement to men is a topic mostly discussed and used but we oftentimes failed to master.

Once again, this bruised topic is the focus of the play Defending the Cavemen. What made it different was the entities of monologue and FUN all cooked into a great play.

A monologue and a stand-up comedy in one, Defending the Caveman talks about the cultural and historical aspect of the differences and conflict of genders.  It explores how men and women relate and interrelate to one another in unity or in chaos.


The play started with a quirky marriage video of Joel Trinidad (main character) and his wife Emmy.  Then Joel came up the stage and started the monologue with an introduction of the the cave images of the Goddess of Laussel, which was discovered in 1911, and the prehistroic drawing of erected man and bison, found in Lascaux Cave.


I stop here now about the plot of the monologue.  You must be there to understand and witness how hilarious this play is.  I think, there are a thousand times that I laughed so hard as Joel points out the inevitable unity and clash of the genders.  Couples of all ages, nodded to one another in guilty admittance or in realization of why their partner is such.

To avoid gender bias, there are 2 directors of the play: a male and a female.  Michael Williams sits on the director's chair alongside Cathy Azanza - Dy, to provide perspectives of both sexes making sure that it is well balance and nobody gets to be on the losing side.

If you are into a relationship, boyfriend-girlfriend or marriage, this is a must date you and your partner should share.  This is a great way to understand the opposite sex and and have a great laugh over such sensitive issue.

Defending the Caveman
RCBC Plaza
Ayala Avenue, Makati city

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