Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Milk+Tea and C's

Cafe and pastries have blossomed in Bacolod. Who would blame the country's sugar capital if it uses its main sweet ingredient to whip up a delectable treat for Negrosanons and tourists alike.

Our initial plan was to visit the famous Calea which is now housed at its new place at Balay Quince at 15th St., Lacson.  But we found it closed until the 6th giving its people the vacation it deserved.  So while waiting for Kat and her sister, Tisha, I went up at the second floor of Balay Quince to further explore the new place.


I found Milk+Tea and was attracted to its interiors.  It is mostly a collection of eccentrically designed sofa sets and old telephones, clocks and cameras.  I'm not really into milk teas but I thought of giving it a try.
A collection of chairs.

Tea is a cup of life.

Ring me up for a cup of tea

I tried the wintermelon milk tea, one of their bestsellers.  You could choose the sweetness of your tea between regular or extra sweet depending on your mood.  I chose the regular.  For the free add on, I got the nata de coco.
Wintermelon Milk Tea, Php 100

When Kat and Tisha arrived we decided to check Cs just right across Balay Quince.  Cs stands for Coffee, Cake, Chocolate.  Food ranges from coffee, cakes, chocolates and the other C that we found is Crepes.

From their selection of cakes, Kat got Banana Coffee with Choco Streusel for Tisha and a slice of S'mores pie for herself.  She added White mocha and Mocha Frappe.  I got myself Intense cake.

Intense - Php 120

Banana Coffee with Choco Streusel  - Php 65

S'more Pie Slice - Php 65

The Intense is a three layered cake of chocolate cake, sesame seed candy and mocha coffee mousse finished with a gelatine and topped with chocolate ball.  I found the mousse very sweet and with that surely added to the irritation my throat has been experiencing.  The sesame seed candy was too hard as well, I waited for the cake to melt for me to have a slice of it.  I love the chocolate layer, the chocolate is not too sweet nor too bitter.

I love the taste of Kat's S'mores Pie.  The bottom of the pie was smothered with peanut butter and then next to it is chocolate.  Peanut butter plus chocolate is always a good pair.

Tisha's Banana Coffee cake is banana cake loaded with cinnamon.  I could not taste coffee in it.  I find it delish because it is very moist in the inside.

I found it a relief that new establishments are surfacing in Bacolod to feed hungry soles and sweet tooth afficionados.  In Bacolod, you will surely not find yourself hungry and limited.


2F Balay Quince
15th St. Lacson
Bacolod City

L'Fisher Hotel
14th Lacson ST., Bacolod City


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