Thursday, December 1, 2011

Great Chows at Johnny Chow

Just before Sound of Music starts, Gienah and I decided to take dinner.  Resorts World is a posh place, it is quite hard to find a cheap eats for a thinning wallet.  So our next factor was to find a place that is new and unique and hopefully, still within our buying range.

After scouting restaurants from their computerized directory, we decided to check on Tao Yuan and Johnny Chow.  We were intimidated with Tao Yuan's set-up.  It reminded me of the Chinese Restaurants that spells, R-I-C-H!  Also, the queue was quite long, there is actually a waiting list.  We could not afford to wait as we only had less than an hour to eat.  So it was Johnny Chow for our nightly feast.

Jhonny Chow is a fusion of fine dining with pop culture.  Boosting about amazing asian cuisine, Johnny Chow serves contemporary Korean, Singaporean , Malaysian, and Chinese food.  Johnny Chow, is under the same management with the Japanese restaurant Sumosam and Mr. Kurosawa as seen from their food to their menu, to their interiors and even the service crew and their colorful wigs. Even their chairs are full of character!

Posh marries pop culture

East meets West 

Waitresses in colored wigs reminds me of the evil villains in Zsa Zsa Zaturnah

Monalisa in Cheongsam

Their menu was very thick, we had a hard time choosing.  Good thing there are pictures showing what the food looks like helped us with choosing our food. I also like how they named their food like Queen of the Sea, Bruce Lee Beef, Shoalin Temple and a lot more.  After a long scrutiny, we decided on Hong Kong Sunset, Pink Dragon Chicken, and Lemon Chicken Rice.  After 5 minutes, we added Beef Bulgogi Rice for Pamela as she is on her way to RWM from work.

My Partners in Crime, Gienah and Pamela

Hongkong Sunset is seafood siomai. They serve this with soy sauce and chili.  I love the taste of their siomai because it is full of seafood meat and there are no extenders.

Hong Kong Sunset, Php 158

Pink Dragon Chicken is a rice bowl with Hiananese Chicken, salami and salted egg served on top.  The rice has mushrooms and some leaves.  The rice was too many and there's a lot of oil.  The taste of the Hiananese Chicken is too bland maybe because I didn't use the sauce.  But I always believe that good tasting food could stand alone by itself.  The condiments are there just to enhance the taste.
Pink Dragon Chicken, Php 335

Lemon Chicken Rice is breaded chicken strips showered with fried garlic slices and lemon sauce.  According to Pammy it is too lemony but Gienah who actually owns the dish loves the taste of her food.
Lemon Chicken Rice, Php 228

Beef Bulgogi Rice is a generous amount of Beef strips sauteed in onion topped in rice.  It is served with monggo sprouts.
Beef Bulgogi Rice, Php 333.

Because we didn't order any drink we requested for service water and our server offered to bring us house tea and its for free!

Free House Tea

My share of the bill was quite expensive but I get to taste unique food and quirky ambiance.  It surely  was true to its promise of Amazing Asian Cusine.  I will surely be back to taste their other specialty.

Johnny Chow
Newport Mall
Resorts World Manila
Parañaque City

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