Friday, December 16, 2011

Cucina ni Mamang

Right after work, my officemate Wena sent out a text blast inviting friends for a free movie at UP Film Institute.  A Japanese old film was shown and Wena is fond of them.  So after work, I packed my bags and walked from the office to the UPFI.

I wasn't really keen on the movie because it was a pain to watch.  The film was so old it kept on stopping a thousand times.  But the story was nice and inspiring.  The movie tells of an old public servant who had stomach cancer. In the last part of his life, he thought of doing something great and he was very determined to put all his heart into it.

After dinner, Wena and I decided to have dinner.  We are both UP graduates in the same college in the same course but it was only at work that we got to be close.  So to live out our college days, we decided to have dinner at Lutong Bahay.  It is located at the street just before the UP Post Office.

My partner in crime, Wena

As we entered the street, we realized that it is not only Lutong Bahay and Lutong Kapit Bahay that are diners-in-a-budget havens but almost every house opened a food place or a little cafe/tea place.  We haven't reached Lutong Bahay yet when Cucina ni Mamang caught our attention.

The walls of Cucina ni Mamang

The place was small yet jampacked with students.  There was a small food counter holding about 4 viands.

The almost empty food counter

Wena and I got Chicken with basil and tomatoes which was served with rice.  I added a buko and lychee shake to go with my dinner.

Chicken with Basil and Tomato, Php 50

I like the taste of the Chicken, the basil is very genreous, it is like eating pesto.  The serving was small though, I was not able to finish the rice because I ran out of the chicken.

The lychee is overpowering the buko in my drink.  But I like the taste of it overall.

I like the fact that eateries are now up and blossoming at UP.  It adds spice to the competition and increases the options for students and hungry souls like me.

Cucina ni Mamang
UP Diliman

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