Wednesday, December 28, 2011

18th St. Pala Pala

For anybody's birthday, it is a tradition in the family to be treated out for dinner.  That is basically our birthday party when we got older.  I find it intimate and made me contented of what is available and convenient.  For my birthday, my family shied away from tradition of dining at one of my favorite restaurants in Bacoldo, The Apollo Restaurant and opted to treat me for seafoods at 18th St. Pala - Pala.  I could not really complain as I am a seafood lover.

18th St. Pala Pala

Food hunters, like me, will be treated for an al fresco dining experience at 18th St. Pala-pala.  Seafoods like a variety of fish, shells and mollusks, crabs, shrimps and squid, are displayed in an iced counter for everyone to choose.  This is also where you order and instruct how you want these food be cooked.  You could have them in a soup, or have it steamed, fried, or served as a steak in a sizzlig plate.  Whatever you want your dish cooked, 18th St. Pala Pala could do it with an Ilonggo touch.

My party of 7.

So mom got us fish heads for soup and had a large fish belly parts in a sizzling plate.  We ordered only for two types of viands but we got 2 servings of each.. It was too much for 6 people (Saph just had milk).

We got 2 servings of soup

And another two of fish steak.

The feast was small but I had my party for my birthday.  It was good enough for me!

Bacolod 18th St. Pala Pala
Bacolod City

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