Tuesday, November 8, 2011

That Thin’ You Do

I practically grew up with Shakeys.  When Bacolod was still limited with food choices, Shakey’s was already there.  I remember the Saturday family dinners where our options as kids were Pizza, Chicken and Potatoes, it has always been Shakeys.  And I would never forget the my classmate who celebrates her birthday at Shakey’s even until we were in Highschool and I always look forward to her invitation each year.  Just this year, my oldest brother treated the family when he got a big sale at our fish business, Shakey's was the family's choice.

So even at this day, I live out my childhood with Shakey’s.  Karla and I were at Trinoma to kill time while the heavens is giving a downpour. She’s on a shopping spree for her new apartment so I tag along.  Hunger fills my entity realizing that I didn’t eat breakfast and ate very little lunch.

So after a lot or choices, we found ourselves queueing at Shakey’s.  Yep!  We actually had our names listed for a table because the house is so full. 

We had a family sized thin crust pizza of Shakey’s Special and Pizza Bianca half and half. I love the idea of Half-Half pizzas.  You could actually have 2 pizza flavors in one pan. We also added Mojo Potatoes.

Shakey's Pizza on your left, Pizza Bianca on the right

All time favorite, Mojo Potatoes

Pizza Bianca is not the usual pizza.  It is without pizza sauce instead it has creamy white sauce with cheddar cheese topped with ham, smoked bacon, sliced button mushroom, chopped green bell pepper and smothered with parmesan cheese.  The flavor is nice but the cheese is too much, it is overwhelming.

I love the thin crust pizza.  You could enjoy the toppings all the more.

Thin Crust Pizza is LOVE

I was disappointed with the service of the SM North Branch.  It was too slow.  We already finished our Mojo Potatoes yet the Pizza is not yet served. And we have to make a follow up for it.  When we asked for water, it took 3 staffs which all promises to get us water, until we were given a glass to quench our thirst.  I know that the house is full but that is no excuse for poor service. It is all the more a challenge to show everyone why the branch is lined up for.

If not for the pizza and the mojos, I would have gone home disappointed. =l

SM North Branch
North EDSA
Quezon City

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