Wednesday, November 2, 2011

South Korea: Touchdown at Incheon Airport

Kat and I just came back from our South Korea Trip.  Seoul is such a beauty.  Add to that the nearby places like Hwaseong City and the Island of Nami.  We have jampacked our Itinerary yet we weren’t able to finish all of them.  Seoul is quite enormous, 3 full days is not enough to tour and see all of them.

Our excitement wasn’t dampened even if our flight was delayed for 30 minutes.  But when we had to wait for about more than an hour because our pilot hasn’t received any signal to fly.  And the effect of that long delay means missing our bus when we reach Seoul.  Good Lord!

Few calls to loved ones and family while waiting for our flight.

During the flight, we were given information sheets.  Aside from the usual arrival info form, we were given a Health Declaration sheet.  One has to declare the symptoms he has been feeling for the past 10 days.  I had fever and was sneezing and coughing just a few days prior to our trip so I was actually hesitant whether I should declare it or not.  If worse comes to worst, I would be denied entry to South Korea and be put to quarantine.  But then there was a note at the bottom that if one fails to declare yet they have detected that one is sick, you get to be penalized by imprisonment and 100000 K-Won.  Yikes! So I decided to check on sneezing and stuffy nose and left the fever out because I don’t have fever at that time but my nose is still not ok.

We are going to Seoul!

Upon arrival, I was put aside to have my temperature taken by their electronic thermometer.  I think I could have passed the temperature detector.  I just got held because of my declaration.  But nonetheless, I got passed the scanner and I was off with the other passengers.

Welcome to Korea

We then loaded the subway train which brought us to the main Incheon Airport building.  This is where the Immigration is situated.  Facing the Immigration Officer was a breeze.  I gave my passport (with my South Korean Visa), arrival information form and my return tickets.  I easily got my passport stamped.

Next posts will be on places we went to and the people we met up with. =)  For now, Annyeong Haseyo Incheon!  Annyeong Haseyo South Korea!  Annyeong Haseyo to all of you!  

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