Friday, November 4, 2011

Seoul Day 1: Visiting Korea’s Past at National Folk Museum of Korea

Because Kat and I feared that our last day Itinerary would be jampacked and we would not actually finish all of them, we decided to transfer at least one that is time consuming to fill our lazy time while we wait for dinner where we would be meeting friends.

So after the Bogeunsa Temple, Kat and I took the subway to the National Folk Museum of Korea.  This place is humongous, it would take about a day or two to tour and discover the whole place. 
National Museum of Korea

In front of the museum is a beautiful park where people could laze awhile.  There is also a reflecting pond where you could meditate in the middle of the bustling city.
Reflecting Pond

After resting our feet, we proceeded inside the National Folk Museum.  We entered the right side of the museum because entry here is free.  Special exhibition, which is shown on the left side, has an entrance fee.
Free Entrance!

The Museum has 3 floors.  Kat and I made it only to 2 Exhibit halls in the 1st floor and 1 in the 2nd. The museum houses collections from the prehistoric and ancient Korea.  Each piece from their collection contributes to the rich culture of Korea.

The Museum is not limited to korean language.  There are translations explaining each relic.  Also there are PDAs or MP3 players where you could rent to help you with understanding each exhibition hall.

Ten Story Pagoda

It measure my height or it measures the flood waters.

Outside the Museum, one can see the N Seoul Tower and some communities nearby.

We didn't finish doing this Museum.  It is so massive.  And our feet is killing us so we decided to just meet up with some college friends.

To go to the National Museum of Korea, take Line 4 to Ichon Station and take exit 2.
The National Folk Museum of Korea
135 Seobinggo-ro,
Seoul, South Korea


  1. Wow! Thanks for the pics. I'm sure the trip was uber fun. Hope I could go with you guys next time.

  2. Hope you could join us sis! Miss ya!



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