Monday, November 21, 2011

Repertory Philippines' Seussical

A person's a person no matter how small...


Familiar isn't it?  Well for those who don't know, it comes from the Seuss books you might have read or your mommy or dad have read you to sleep.  I on the otherhand got to know about Seuss stories when my cousins lend me their books when we were kids.  I can't quite remember the story but I surely remembered the characters especially Cat in the Hat. A few years ago, me and my friends stumble upon the movie "Hotorn hears a Who" just because there was nothing good at the cinemas besides that.  I was quite facinated with the animated film and so when I heard about Repertory's staging of Seussical, I got excited on how they would bring about a world of imagination and communicating it to the audience especially kids.

Kat and I was fortunate to watch Seussical yesterday.  Double fortune is we got our tickets for only Php 180 instead of Php 250 through Ensogo.  This is my third play in a week of theater overload. I'm taking advantage of cheap tickets from groupdeal sites and student discounts.

Seussical opened with a boy, Jojo  finding a strange hat.  Underneath was Cat in the Hat.  Cat in the Hat encouraged Jojo to think big and come up with a story with interesting characters.

So the jungle of Nool came alive with animals like Horton the Elephant, Gertrude McFuzz, the single feathered tail bird, the Wickersham brothers or the 3 naughty wicked monkeys, Sour Kangaroo, Mazie la Bird, a very colorful winged animal and 3 more birds who's voices blend very well together.

On a one fine day, Horton hears a cry for help from a small speck of dust which is actually a tiny planet of Whoville. So Horton did his best to protect the Whos in the speck of dust believing that a person's a person no matter how small.  At this point, Jojo entered Whoville as the mayor's son who thinks bigger than his world could imagine.  All of the animals at jungle of Nool believe Horton has loosened his knots and has become a loon.  Inspite of that, Horton meant what he said to the people of Whoville and placed the speck of dust in a clover flower, guarding it day in day out.


The Wickersham brothers stole the clover flower and dropped it in a field of clover flowers.  Desperate, Horton looked for his clover flower, talking to every clover flower he could put his trunk into.  Meanwhile, Mayzie La Bird convinced Horton to sit on her egg for an hour or two because she was bored.  With a willing and helpful heart, Horton agreed to substitute Mayzie on her eggs.  A week has past but Mayzie never returned and Horton never left the nest because an "Elephant is faithful 100 percent".

Horton was captured by hunters and was sold to a circus.  Above all that, he stayed on the nest and the eggs.  Gertrude rescued her and brought her his lost clover.  The animals managed to bring him back to the Nool when he encouraged them that Whos are real.  With the help of Jojo, the whole Whoville managed to convince the Jungle of Nool with their existence. Just as this was happening, the egg cracked and out was a bird which looks like Horton.  With Gertrude by his side, Horton accepted the newly hatched egg as his own.

What I love about the story of Seussical is it teaches kids and kids at heart the concept of loyalty, kindness, friendship, faithfulness, and care for another.  I love  that it encourages kids of the world of big dreams and possibilities.  It teaches kids to imagine big and and tall and that there is boundless possibilities when you think. "Oh, the thinks you can think!"

Repertory Philippines
Onstage Greenbelt 1
Makati City

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