Friday, November 11, 2011

Plastic Surgery, A Popular Look in South Korea

In Seoul, we spent most of our travels using the subway station.  This is I guess the fastest way to get around the city.  This is also where I have seen most if not all of the ads on beauty and perfection targeting every individual who thinks they need a nip or tuck here and there. 


A square faced could be sculpted to be round.  Chinky eyes could be popped bigger.  Shallow nose bridge could be heightened.  Crooked teeth straightened.  Flat chested could wear a size D.  Wider hips, smaller waist for bodies like surf boards.  Wrinkles would say goodbye.  As the beauty standards are high in Korea, no wonder Plastic Surgery is as common as the ads you see in the subway station. 


Being a tourist, I find it disturbing. 

The people in the ads are entirely different persons!  They are like their Kpop icons of which mostly had surgeries. Soon these Koreans would have the same faces as they have same doctors giving them one and the same look.


Over dinner with friends, they said that most of the Kpop stars are altered and they are not ashamed of the procedures they have undergone.  I think the popular ones are for the eyes.  Double eyelids for those Asians born with monolids which is almost every chinky eyed.

I just wonder, what would they answer when their children asked them why they seem not to be like their parents.

In my opinion, Koreans are beautiful people.  It is just a matter of public perception and the pressure from their peers that they alter themselves to feel beautiful.  Not that this only happens in South Korea.  I think all around the world, as long as one feels uncomfortable of what he or she is born with, that’s where all these ugliness comes from.  Koreans are just brave enough to take the procedure and talk about it afterwards.

All photos are taken by my friend Kat.


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  2. It's amazing how you have explained plastic surgery to the patients, it'll be lot easier for them to understand how easy these things are and I think they will agree to be good looking is lot more easier than previous days. I’m recommending this post on my facebook page for sure, thanks a lot.

  3. Hi! Though I haven't done any surgery myself, I was just amazed at how plastic surgeries is a common and easy thing in South Korea. =)

  4. Having a plastic surgery means you have no confident on being just the way you are.



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