Friday, November 25, 2011

Lunch at Moshi Moshi

Today we just received our year end bonus and our end of month salary all in one day.  We felt rich for the day so me and my team was up for a good feast and decided to do away with food from the canteen and the cafeteria.  We decided to eat at the new building at Katipunan Avenue beside KFC.  It houses Banco de Oro, Fully booked, a variety of food restos like Bon Chon, Brother's Burgers Mom and Tina's and a lot more. I think open spaces and condominium are also situated in the upper floors.

Because I want something new, I suggested Moshi Moshi. I guess, my palate is craving for Japanese food, I'm having it for 2 consecutive days.

Moshi Moshi

Upon entering the restaurant, you will be welcomed by a counter with their menu placed above it.  After giving your order, one will be given a funky number, that comes a torch with liquid and glitters which lights up.

I like the ambiance and vibe of the place.  The theme is green or lime which gives a cool feeling.  Also there are 3 kinds of seating at Moshi Moshi:  Cafeteria Sitting, Diner Sitting and somewhat a Cafe Sitting.

Lights at the Diner side

The Cafeteria side

Cafe Sitting

I got Chicken Mayo Don with 4 pc California Maki while my 3 officemates, Sir Ray, Len and Tin got a bowl of Gyudon.  Sir Ray added 8 pc California Maki to share with everybody.  If only I have known, I would have not ordered Cali Maki.  =P

The Chicken Mayo Don is breaded fried chicken breast cut into strips with shredded cabbage placed on top  of rice and smothered with special Japanese mayo.  I love the taste of this because the mayo gives the taste an extra oomph.  Their rice is short grained and not sticky which gave me a hard time using the chopsticks.

Chicken Mayo Don

Gyudon is beef with onions.  It doesn't come with egg just like a typial gyudon but you could order it separate with an additional Php 25.   According to my teammates, it tasted flavorful, their only problem is that the oil from the beef goes to the rice which I think does not taste nice.  The beef is very soft and tender yet there are lots of fatty parts.

Beef Gyudon

I love their California Maki.  It was a typical cali maki but it tasted just right and hits you in the spot.

California Maki

All in all, Moshi Moshi is the next best thing you can find in Katipunan Avenue.  With the generous serving, reasonable price, good ambiance, and fine tasting Japanese food, I will surely be back. =)

Moshi Moshi
Katipunan Avenue
Quezon City

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