Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lotteria, Korea's version of Jollibee

In the Philippines, the ultimate battle of the fastfood chain is Jollibee vs. McDonalds.  Korea's version of this battle is Lotteria vs. McDonald's.

Lotteria at Incheon Airport

Just after we finished checking in, we decided to grab some dinner.  We anticipate hunger when we arrive at Manila if we won't eat before our flight.  Our remaining won is so little, we have very limited choice.  It is not advisable to exchange our dollars anymore as we have no need of it after eating.  Seeing Lotteria, we are excited to spend our remaining money on something familiar: burgers!

Queuing for all time favorites: burgers

So I got us a combo meal good for 2 people for 11,000 won: 1 beef pattie burger, 1 shrimp burger, 1 shake-shake fries, 2 parmesan cheese sticks, 2 soft drinks.

So while waiting for our burgers and cheese sticks, we had the fries in the bag and poured over the sour cream powder to ease the hunger we have been feeling.  Their fries is very similar to McDonalds, not soggy with oil, and it is crisp when you bite on it.

Kat, preparing the shake shake fries

Afterwards, the number given to us vibrated, signalling the availability of our orders.  I approached the counter for our orders and we felt relief.  Our burgers and cheese sticks arrived!

I love the cheese sticks. It has a generous serving of parmessan cheese.

Parmessan Cheese loaded

Kat got the beef burger while I got the shrimp.  I really don't love the taste of their shrimp burger.  It smells and tasted fishy.  Not that it tasted bad, I just don't like the smell of it.  But amidst that, I finished my burger.

Shrimp Burger with Parmessan Cheese Sticks

For me, Lotteria was a so so.  Maybe its just the choice of burger. But then, I don't know when I could eat from Lotteria again to change my review. =P

Incheon Airport
Incheon, South Korea

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