Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lost in Translation in Seoul

Because of the delay of Cebu Pacific, we arrived late at Incheon Airport.  Ramon, Kat’s highschool friend and our host told us to forgo going to Seoul Station.  We are suppose to meet up at Seoul Station and get the last bus from there to Hwaseong City.  He advised us to get a bus to Dong Tan and get a cab from there.

There are a lot of bus operators outside of Incheon so we queued for tickets to Dong Tan.  But horror of horrors, even the last bus has left us.  The ticket officer told us to get buses to Suwon which is the nearest to Dong Tan and so we did.

While on line for our bus, we met another Filipino who has been in Korea.  Funny thing is, he is also from our province.  It’s good to have some Kababayan who knows about how things are at Korea and is willing to help us especially with landmarks to know where we would be dropping off.  Our bus came ahead of there’s so it’s me and Kat once more, on our own.
Me and my ticket to Suwon

Driving from Incheon, one could see how progressive South Korea is.  Considering it was struck to nothing during the Korean war, you would know how much effort, time and great leadership was put into South Korea to make it what it is today.  Our problem though is, most of the establishments are still in Korean alphabet with no English translation. I just hope we won’t have a hard time with communication.

My hopes were put to vain.  When we got a cab at Suwon Castle Hotel, the driver had a hard time understanding where our destination is.  It took 3 drivers discussing where we wanted to go.  The two gave up and we were left with the driver who took the risk.  He totally could not speak English nor understand. Good thing there is GPS in his cab so it was a big blessing.  We arrived at Hwaseong City, mainly at the community we are going to live for 3 nights. 

Ramon came home with his friends Cristina, Neil and would be housemate Morgan.  All were actually foreigners in South Korea.  Ramon is a Filipino but a Canadian citizen.  Cristina is Korean but an American citizen.  Neil is Vietnamese, but also an American while Morgan is half Korean half European.  We ended the night swamped while the four of them watched horror flicks celebrating Halloween over popcorn, fried noodles and orange juice.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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