Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hongkong Airport, our Home for our HKDL Adventure

During our Hong Kong Disneyland trip, Kat and I decided not to find a hotel or a hostel to stay for the 2 nights we are at HK.  We decided that Hong kong Airport will be our home giving us the experience and the basic comforts on a budget.

The benches served as our beds. The toilets our answers for the call of nature.  Restaurants, our source for  food.  A lot of clothing, shoes and bags outlet answers our shopping hunger.  What else do you need for a home? Oh yeah, a place to take a bath, PRIVATELY.  Hongkong Airport has an answer to that as well.

Airport Lounge offers the comforts of lodging, dining and shower.  The moment our alarms took off, we collected our belongings and went to the Lounge for the most expensive baths we have ever taken.

Inside the Plaza Premium Lounge leading to our private bathrooms

For 150 HKD, we were lead to a high class bathroom complete with towels, toiletries, dryer, shave etc.  They even provided toothbrush and toothpaste, a comb and ear buds.  Haha!

Bathroom filled with toiletries  

Toilet and Bath

I took my time bathing and enjoyed every moment of it.  I used everything I could.  Because I brought my own toothbrush and paste and hairbrush, I brought home the toiletries that are unopened.

Serving meals any time of the day

Internet ready to update your family and friends.

After a refreshing bath, Kat and I headed towards the bus stations outside the airport all ready for Micky and Minnie, Pluto and Goofy, Donald Fauntleroy Duck and Daisy Duck. =)

Plaza Premium Lounge
Hong Kong International Airport
Hong Kong

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