Tuesday, November 29, 2011

HKDL: Touchdown and Tour at the Hong Kong Airport

Kat and I boarded the 7:10 PM flight to Hong Kong with only one small bag and a  lady's bag.  With only 36 hours in Hongkong, we unfold the craziest idea we have ever imagined: to spend a day in Hongkong Disneyland and go home.

We arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport and immediately got into the passenger arrival service train to bring us to the Terminal 1 for the Immigration.  Our actual fear is not able to declare a correct place to stay as we intend to sleep at the Airport.

At the airport service train

So upon reaching the Immigration, I handed over my passport, my ticket and my arrival card together with Kat's.

Immigration Officer:  What's your purpose of visiting Hong Kong?

Reg:  Hong Kong Disneyland Sir.

Immigration Officer:  Is this your first time?

Reg:  No sir, we were at Hong Kong last year for vacation.

Immigration Officer:  So you're going again to Hong Kong Disneyland?

Reg:  We were not able to visit Disneyland last year that's why I want to go there sir.

Immigration Officer:  Enjoy Hong Kong Disneyland!

And he gave our passports a new tattoo. Nice!

We are to sleep at the airport so Kat and I decided to take a tour of it looking for the most comfortable spot.  Starting with the departure area at the 7th floor.

First airplanes of the Wright brothers hanging at the ceiling?

We found Cebu Pacific check-in is at Hallway D! At least we are now prepared when we go home and would not have a hard time just like when we were at South Korea.

They have a list of all the airlines and which hallway are they situated for Check-in.

That's our hallway.

And there's always a Customer Service counters for your questions.

Since there are flights departing Hongkong round the clock, 7th floor is always alive and kicking so Kat and I decided to go back to the arrival area because people seem to get out of the airport right after they arrive so people come and go. They don't hang out at the benches where we intend to sleep.

Arrival Area seen from the 7th Floor.

I felt hunger, or I was just craving for fries all of a sudden.  Burger King answered my calling because there's one in the middle of the airport.  It is somewhat expensive though. =(

BK!  Answered pravers for my cravings of fries.

Spicy Chicken Burger with fries and iced tea, HKD 42

After eating, we proceeded to the toilets to clean up and then we went back to the benches and hit the "sack" excited knowing in a few hours, its Hong Kong Disneyland!

Hong Kong International Airport
Lantau, Hong Kong


  1. sarap balikbalikan...hongkong kasi was my first destination overseas...this post brings back a lot of memories

    1. Yes, HK is one destination you could always go back to for vacation and recharge.. and shopping too!!!



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