Monday, November 14, 2011

Feel Summer on a Rainy November at Amana Waterpark

Group deals are blessings to budget conscious individuals who are up for the fun.  Little luxuries and pampering I sometimes forgo because of the tight fist on the budget, now could be enjoyed.

Last Sunday, me and my sisses  had a chance to escape Manila for a fun wet day at the Amana Waterpark in Bulacan.  I have gotten a voucher from Dealspot for a 50% discount in Amana Waterpark's entrance fees.  Amana Waterpark, located in Bulacan, claims to have the largest wave pool with 13 various types of waves.

I wasn't really attracted to the wave pool when I purchased the voucher.  It was the life size action figures scattered in the resort that I was so excited about.  It was a good opportunity for cool photos.

So we met up at SM North at hopped in a German Espiritu Bus going to Balagtas, Bulacan.  We got off at Bocaue Exit and got into another bus to Waltermart.  Because we don't want the hassle of bringing lunch inside the park, we decided to eat brunch at a fastfood before we head off to Amana.  We then dropped by the grocery to buy some chips.

Outside Waltermart, we got a tricycle which will bring us to Amana.  Ooh my!  His rate going to Amana is Php 150.  I don't know if that's really the fare.  It was a blessing, I was with 2 friends so it was only Php 50 for each one of us.
Ride to Amana, anyone?

We were greeted with a big welcome arc of Amana Waterpark.  We hurriedly went to entrance ticket booth to present our voucher.  We got a small cottage for Php 600 to place our bags and our tambayan when we're tired of swimming.

I was quite disappointed that most if not all of the girls who are at the waterpark are not wearing swimwear. If they do, they have a shirt and shorts to cover them.  I was so excited to strut my bikini again but I don't want to scandalize my audience so I too had a shirt and short while swimming in their pool.

There are 3 pools aside from the wave pool in Amana.  2 adult pools which have jacuzzis and 1 kiddie pool.  All of these pools are adorned with life sized characters like Shrek and his family, the cast of Dragon Ball Z.  Justice League, and the big Gorilla.  The adult pool is only up to 5 feet according to their safety information but the water is only about 4 ft and a half.
Shrek and Family?

There are also good stalls available in inside the park.  They don't allow drinks inside because they are available at the park.  But you could bring packed food and have a feast at the park.

Good thing, it did not rain.  We actually postponed this trip already because of the rains of the past week.  We were given sun and heat and we are geared up for it.

We hit one of the adult pools first and we lazed around in the waters, cooling off from the heat.

Adult Pool with Jacuzzi

When Ellainne arrived, we all went into the wave pool to try on the different waves Amana offered.  I enjoyed the wave pool.  It was actually hilarious being hit by the waves. The waves' current is similar to the beach so my thirst for the beach was cured somehow.

Wave Pool

The kiddie pool is only fun because of the Dragon Ball characters which I grew up with.  Other characters available are justice league members, spiderman.
Kiddie Pool
Characters at the Kiddie Pool

There are also horse ride around the park.  I just don't like the smell of it... :P

As the night is near, we decided to pack our things up.  We hurriedly hit the showers for a rinse and changed into dry clothes...We ate dinner before heading to Manila. We now followed Ellainne's route and road a bus from Balagtas.  This route is actually cheaper.
Sunset at Amana

It was a fun day at Amana Water Park.  It was a good escape from the pressures and stress from Manila. =)

Amana Water Park
Pandi, Bulacan

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