Friday, November 25, 2011

Countdown to The Happiest Place on Earth

In less than 2 hours, I will go undertime at work to go to the airport as Kat and I are going to another adventure.  We are going to Hongkong Disneyland!!! ;-) I'm all smiles here, excited and giddy.

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I have been frantic, printing anything and everything we have researched about for this trip: how to go, where to stay, what to see, maps, tickets and our itinerary.

February 2010:  Jiji, Icile, Kat and I, travelled to Hongkong.  Our trip was 4-day short which already included a visit to Macau.  It was my first time to go abroad and I see to it that our trip was maximized. This was also a special trip as this was the first trip abroad, our group of friends went to. I remember staying up late chatting with  Kat just to plan out the itinerary.  It turned out to be jampacked and the sad part was not able to set foot at Hongkong Disneyland because we lack funds, time and we had aching feet from all the walking.

And so I promised myself that I would be back to Hongkong and get the "happiest place on earth" off my bucket list.

March 26 2011:  Kat shared a crazy idea of going abroad for a day after reading an article from Philippine Daily Inquirer of a group of friends who spent a day in Singapore.  I find it crazy as well. And money is a problem too! See our conversation below:


Crazy right?  Because maybe, we are as crazy as this idea.  =)

June 8, 2011:  I was up late in the wee hours browsing at random sites looking for sales.  And surely the heavens opened its gates and poured tons of blessings.  There was a Php 0 fare promo from Cebu Pacific not only for domestic but also international flights.  So I was like a loon, texting friends and family who might be interested while my other hand was also as busy browsing the web.  I checked on Hongkong for the last weekend of November hoping to get a sale.  The plan is to take a work leave for 2 days and have a 5-day trip because November 30 is a holiday in the Philippines. But the next zero fare available was after November 30 which I could not afford to take because I know I won't be allowed to be away from work that long.  After finding seatsales for the weekend (November 25-27), I texted a follow-up message and said, "Let's go Hongkong Disneyland for a day!!!"

It was only Kat who replied...blame it on the late hours of maybe around 1-2AM.  Who is up at that time from the province?!? Tsk!

And so I booked our 2-way HK tickets for only Php 3766 all in. That's already for the both of us.  It's like Php 941.50 one way for one person..this amount is similar to going home to Bacolod without seat sales!


Now:  So this is it folks!  I'm done with work, I have placed all printouts in my small bag, my pocket money in USD stashed in my wallet, and my passport ready.  I'm catching the 7:10 plane to HK bringing me to Hongkong Disneyland.  We're going to live the crazy idea.

I'll post about it as soon as I return. =)

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