Thursday, August 11, 2011

Palawan City Tour

For our last day at Puerto PRincesa, we had our version of the City Tour. Our flight back to Manila is at 2PM so we have ample time to have the tour and would be ready at the airport for our check-in.

We requested Kuya Jomat to pick us up at House of Rose at exactly 7AM. We loaded our bags in the van as we are heading to the airport right after the tour.

Our first stop was the Butterfly Farm. The Butterfly Farm, located in Sta. Monica, houses a variety of butterflies in their natural habitat.


Aside from the butterflies, there are a lot of insects and animals housed in the area. Entrance fee is Php 20.


Next, we went to the Crocodile Farm. Although it was closed on a Sunday, Kuya Jomat was able to convince the caretaker to let us in. Kuya Jomat became our tourist guide at Crocodile Farm.


The Crocodile Farm and Conservation Center breeds crocodile to preserve the wildlife. Likewise, it promotes conservation of these large reptiles by continuously opening its doors to educate tourists of all ages.Entrance is Php 50.

Up next, we went to Baker’s Hill. With the name of the place, suggesting pastries and baked goodies, Baker’s Hill originally is a bakery which became so successful, it expanded and opened its doors to visitors as a tourist attraction. Besides the bakery, they are serving pizza, steaks, seafood, shakes and desserts.

Next destination is Rancho Mitra, the famous house of Ramon Mitra of which you could see his vast properties from his house.

We had another round of Baker’s Hill when we came back from Rancho Mitra. Aside from the mouthwatering treats, Baker’s Hill is a home to man-sized figurines, great landscapes and an aviary which we didn’t know so we came back for another look.

Going back to the main city, Kuya Jomat made a side trip to a weaving community where out of school youth girls are tought to weave and are paid based on their output. We got a chance to try out weaving which is a sure hit to my brothers and my mom. In their showroom and store, displays vast produce from the cloth weaved by these girls. Mom bought a lunch bag for my sis in law and my nephew Saph. The produce is somewhat expensive but it is more expensive when it reaches Manila as these are also displayed at Kultura.

In the main city, Kuya Jomat brought us to the Baywalk which is similar to Manila’s Baywalk in Roxas Boulevard.

Before heading to the Airport, our last destination was the Plaza Cuartel and the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral.

Just in time for our check-in, Kuya Jomat brought us to our last destination at Puerto Princesa, the airport.

The City Tour is usually priced at Php 600 per person but you could hire a van for 1500 for the first 4 hours and an additional Php 300 for every hour. We opt to here a van which saved us Php 1500. Kuya Jomat didn’t require us to pay the excess Php 300 for our extension. That’s how a blessing he is to our group.

Palawan City Tour
Puerto Princesa, Palawan

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