Monday, October 17, 2011

De – stress and Pool time at the Ace Water Spa

Ace Water spa has been in my To Do while in Manila list, but I think it is pricey for a relaxation. Good thing there were group deals available and Kat and I were lucky enough to snug one from Cash Cash Pinoy. It was a great deal. We spent only Php 299 for a 4 hour massage and therapy which is originally priced at Php 550.

So we spend the Sunday afternoon at Ace Water. It was a hard find going there since we are not really familiar with the Banawe area. Good thing Kat looked up the location in the internet, including instructions going there and the landmarks.

When we arrived the parking space in front of the main entrance was already full. We were directed to the parking lot at the back and we came through the back entrance. We went to the counter to show our vouchers and after all the scrutiny, we were given passes and locker keys.

The locker rooms are separated by gender. We gave the pass and our slippers to the staff managing the lockers. We were given head caps and bathroom slippers. Inside the locker rooms are shower and dressing areas.

After a full shower, Kat and I went to the water park. It is composed of the Lazy River where you could be swayed by the current as you float along with a rubber mat, Lap Pool, Kid’s area pool, waterfalls, water massage stations, steam room and the sauna room, and the herbal pools. The water massage stations uses ultrasonic jet system to target body parts from head, shoulders, mid section, back, thighs, buttocks and the feet. Massage pressure ranges from soft, moderate and hard as indicated in the signs in each stations. The herbal pools are at the temperature of 36 C, and then 38C and the last is 40C. Resting ones neck in the cold pillow (cold bar along the herbal pool) is recommended to avoid high blood pressure. Water stations are also in various locations encouraging people to drink up to replace loss fluids during the whole 4 hour hydrotherapy experience.

Except for the sauna and the massage station which addresses all body parts Kat and I were able to experience all facilities at Ace. We even have 2 rounds of almost all massage stations, our favorite is the bubble massage.

We didn’t finish our 4 hours. Late in the afternoon, more people came to Ace, mostly families and seniours, it became crowdy that you have to wait for your turn almost all the time.

We returned to our lockers, took a shower and got dressed. Then we treated ourselves with food from their café.

It was a great and relaxing experience. My back and shoulders are relieved with the soreness felt all week. I recommend that you try Ace Water Spa yourself and get the same relaxing experience we just have. Entrance for adults is Php 550 while children (4 ft and below) are charged Php 250 for a 4 hour relax time.

Ace Water Spa is open everday, Mondays to Sundays from 6AM to 11PM. They are also on operation even on holidays.

You need to know that:

1) Wear tight fitting swimwear. Board shorts are not allowed. Basically, you will experience the water pressure more if the swimwear is hugging your skin. Swimwears and towels are available for rent at the counter if you happen to forget to bring one.

2) Shampoo and soap are provided in each shower area. Hair dryers and plastic sandos for your wet clothes are available at the locker areas.

3) Photography is not allowed in the pool area.


Ace Water Spa
399 Del Monte Avenue (near corner Banaue street) SFDM, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 3678041, 3678062, 4150164, Fax. No.: 4152477
Email Address:

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