Friday, September 2, 2011

Yakan Weaving Village

Even before we set foot in Zamboanga, my friend Ellainne have been babbling about her doables: buy cheap malong and a weaved table runner for her mother. So with a tick on her checklist on malong from the Barter, we are left off with a table runner.

So after getting instructions from the locals, we rode a jeepney enroute to Sinunoc and told the driver to drop us off at the Yakan Weaving Village.

The Yakan Weaving Village is home to the Yakan tribe, an ethnic group which uses weaving loom to create cloths. It was amazing to see how intricate and complicated the designs of their creations. It is not surprising if their products gets exported to manila or even out of the country.



I got myself a malong and a table runner while Ellainne got coasters, throw pillows, runners all weaved beautifully. There are also Piras or Muslim swords as well as instruments like the kumintang, gongs and a drum made of cow’s skin on display and is on sale.


Yakan Weaving Village is not a place for shopping or for pasalubong alone, it is a slice of our culture and heritage. And you would be proud of how creative and how rich our culture is with every strand weaved in every cloth.

Yakan Weaving Village
Zamboanga City

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