Thursday, September 15, 2011

Say O' (yeah!) for O'pollo

We are once again out on field work. On our way back to the office, we dropped by PCCI, Philippine Cannine Club, Inc. to file for my brother's dog registration. It was 15 minutes before 12nn and our stomachs are crying for good food. As we enter E. Rodriguez Avenue, banners of bugers, chicken, pasta all from O'pollo are attached at posts left and right. It was so inviting that though my boss was calling out fastfood names one after another, I was persistent that we find that new grilling place.

And I was not dismayed.

O'pollo Grilled Chicken and Burgers is found at E. Rodriguez Sr. cor. Victoria Ave. in Quezon City, just across St. Luke's Medical Hospital. It came from an Australian concept with a semblance from the European fast food chains.

If their banners are inviting, so is the exteriors. The fast food is very chic with tall glass windows and bright red wall posts. Inside, white, red and dark wood dining sets fill the first and second floor.

A big staircase enjoined the two floors and customers could easily see the big o’ from the logo placed on the ceiling.

We were welcomed by their crew and we hurriedly got in queue as the line was not very long even if the house was full. It only means their service is fast. I got their ¼ grilled chicken a la carte with a peri o’ sauce, and paired it with rice. My boss got Cubes N’ Rice which is chicken breast with rice. Unlike other fast food chains where they deliver the food to your tables when they are not yet ready, at O’pollo, you will be given numbers which will be called one by one.

I love the taste of their food. My grilled chicken was tender and juicy, cooked just right that there are no signs of bloody bones. The skin has a bit of crisp and peppery taste. The peri o’ sauce was not spicy or its just me.

The Cubes N’ Rice were chicken breast slathered with herbed garlic sauce.

All of their rice meals are served in a paper lunch box which is a plus for environment champions like we are.

At their second floor, there is an area for conferences and meetings equipped with computer, projector and white screen. An outdoor veranda could accommodate more customers when it is not so hot in the mid day.

I’m very pleased with the taste of their food and I’m surely coming back.. but the next time I’m at O’pollo, I’m trying their chicken burgers. I’ll add in desserts for a full deightful meal.

O'pollo Grilled Chicken and Burgers
E. Rodriguez Sr. cor. Victoria Ave.
Quezon City

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