Friday, September 23, 2011

One Hellish Day

Today, was supposedly a normal day turned worse and then worst.

I was up very early to meet Kat at Katipunan.  Today is the day we are applying for a South Korean Visa.  We agreed to meet at 8. But I cam late and she came late and there are other documents not yet done and so we ended up leaving Katipunan at around 9:30 ish.  So much for a plan.

I don't mind being late really or out of schedule as i have the day off from work.  But that's the thing... I was suppose to be on leave yet my boss was texting me for details of my 2012 Executive Plans and our OPEX budget, my CAPEX budget and my targets.  I feel so frustrated because I have prepared all of these data, submitted to my immediate supervisor yet she was not in today.  So my boss was barking at me because he has a meeting of which he needs to present all these stuff.  For the whole week we were not able to see each other even if I went to work for the whole four days because unfortunately he was out while I was in the office.

By the time we got to the embassy, somehow the inquiries stopped.  Good thing.  I could not concentrate with all the work drama.

It was smooth at the Korean Embassy.  Except for the limited parking, entering it was organized.  We were given numbers and when our numbers are called, we go to a window.  Kat queued at at different window because she has a US visa, although expired.  We have to wait for 30 numbers before our turn.  The queue was actually fast.  About 20 minutes or so it was my turn.  After scrutining my documents, the Korean national at the embassy scrutinized my brother's documents.  And my nightmare began.  He was required of ITR.  My brother isn't really employed.  He handles the family's business although the business is registration is by mom's.  So he is given only "allowance" and that's without taxes.

And so all of the documents are returned to me and was I should bring the lacking requirement when coming back to the embassy.  So basically, I have wasted my morning and my leave for nothing.

Kat and I decided to take our lunch along C5.  It was a battle between House of Minis and Mom and Tina's.  My preference was money and something new.  Although the prices are almost the same, we decided to House of Minis because we have known that their steaks are good.

My money is depleting to nada.  So it is depressing to actually eat something because it is the cheapest and not because it is your choice.  Argh!!

Going home, I had myself dropped off at Eastwood.  Normally, if I have the money, I would grab a taxi and bring me home and spend around 200Php.  But I only had 20Php bill and some coins so I took a jeep to Cubao and transferred into another jeepney until I reached home.

What's worser than worst? Walking home from the subdivision, my feet got blisters from the shoes I was wearing! Argh!!!! It was really painful.

It was not my day today.  Hellish as it seems, I'll rant on it for awhile and forget about it and move on.  Some things sucks but its not all the time. =)

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