Sunday, September 18, 2011

Late Lunch at World Chicken

After a walk at the famous Rizal Park, I met up with my college friend, Karla at Trinoma for a late lunch. With a rumbling tummy we searched through selections for affordable and generous servings at Food Choices, Trinoma’s foodcourt.

And the rumbling tummy led us nowhere but the World Chicken. Affordability, freedom to choose, numerous combinations, and flavor is exactly the reasons why we were queuing for grilled chicken with two side dishes only for Php 158.


At World Chicken, you have to do these 3 steps to create your platter:

Step 1: Place your order. My order: a grilled deboned chicken with 2 side dishes.

Step 2: Choose your sauce amongst Farm Fresh Mushroom, Ranch BBQ, Brown Gravy, Corn & Mushroom, Mornay Cheese, Teriyaki, Sweet Chili Sauce, Gravy and Terragon. My sauce of choice: Farm Fresh Mushroom

Step 3. Choose your sidings. Sidings vary from rice, pasta, salads, muffins and fried bananans. I got Asian Noodle and Potato Salad.

You may add a softdrinks or juice and you could pay your order at the cashier.

Karla’s platter was grilled chicken with Ranch BBQ Sauce, Fetuccini Al Tomo and Potato Salad.

I love the tenderness and the juiciness of the fire-grilled boneless chicken although it was too salty to my taste even if there’s the Farm Fresh Mushroom sauce to tame it down. The pasta was al dente and the asian noodle sauce tasted just right, full of herbs for a rich flavor. And I am hands down in love with their potato salad. It was not soggy and there are ample bacon bits and herbs we thought of as kinchay.

I love World Chicken. And because of its multiple combinations, it is always a unique dining experience.

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