Saturday, September 17, 2011

Interactive Museum for Kids and Kids at Heart

I have been wanting to discover the attractions along Roxas Boulevard. Although it is not my first time to be at the area as it has been in the itinerary of our annual College Tours yet there are some places that I still haven’t set foot at.

So I took the opportunity of going to Museo Pambata after a walk at the Rizal Park at 8AM.  I was not there for the exercise but because I have nothing to do right after meeting an old friend before he flies out of Manila.

It was unbelievable that there are no long lines considering it was a Saturday. I was expecting for queues of children with a mom or dad one hand and a lollipop or chips on the other.  When I entered, a small scaled jeepney and a big sewer got me excited so I hurriedly went to the information to pay for my entrance of Php 100. 

The Museo Pambata is of 2 floors.  At the first floor, is a room named Maynila Noon or the Old Manila showcasing Manila in the Spanish Era.  Children will have fun boarding the Spanish galleon, or enter and pray at the Binondo Church, or step  into the bahay na bato.  You could also ride the Tranvia, the train running around the Old Manila.  What I love about all of these is you could touch everything. They even provided children crayons to color and doodle.

Furthermore at the ground floor is an area entitled Bata sa Mundo or the Children of the Global Village promoting the rights of every child.  There was a rehearsal of dances which I took the time to watch because I also ne to rest my aching feet.

The Environment Room is under construction and according to their brochure it will resume operation by November of this year.

At the second floor, I enjoyed the Katawan Ko or My Body Works Room which gives children a view of what’s inside our body and how our body functions.

Also at the second floor is the I love my planet earth room, contributed by Motorola Foundation, which teaches the children on ways to save mother earth.

The comic artists and their works are highlighted at a room that showcase the characters they have created and the artworks they have made.

The Marketplace or Pamilihang Bayan gives the kids a chance to role play in a big market place complete with props making it believable (at least in the photos).

The kids that were at the museum surely love each room.  I don’t have a kid yet but the kid in me surely enjoyed this very interactive place.

Museo Pambata is located in between the US Embassy and Manila Ocean Park and a few steps away from the Rizal Park.  It opens Tuesdays to Saturdays from 8 AM- 5PM (September to February) and 9 AM-5PM (March to August) and Sundays 1-5 PM.  Entrance fees is Php 100 for both adults and children.

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