Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ineng's Special Barbeque

I was dreaming about food all day. I have skipped two meals because of work and had only otap and two cupsfull of tea. So just before going back to the office from fieldwork, I dragged my team to Petron at Katipunan. Just before they could suggest anything, I was already crying out for Ineng’s Special Barbeque.


The ambiance of the place is very fast food-like. Its yellow walls exudes happiness and they have in their menu set meals similar to Combo meals or Value meals where they pair together food items for a reasonable price. The crew are very cheerful and helpful as well. One big plus is that you could not smell grilled smoke inside the restaurant.

I know it is not a good time to take in rice but I was really hungry. So I ordered one of their Hit Meals. I got their Lumpia Meal which includes 1 stick of 12” inch special barbeque, rice and fresh lumpia. All hit meals includes atchara and iced tea. My buddies also got sticks of barbeque which we thought is perfect. I think their marinate is really good and they did it for a long time that the sweet taste goes beyond exposed meat. The barbeque was also grilled fine with just a few burnt portions.

Maybe, its just because of hunger, but I love the taste of Ineng’s Special Barbeque. There’s something special to it.

Ineng's Special Barbeque
Loyola Branch,
Petron, Katipunan
Quezon City

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