Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cheap Pig-out at Carinderia Buffet

I was on field today doing audits of our projects. My friends from work, who are the project owners, are raving and talking nonstop on Carienderia Buffet. That is even before lunch break.  As one is telling me, for only 119Php, you reward youself to a smorgasbord of Filipino dishes. Php 119? Too good to be true! I was thinking, “That’s cheap for buffets!”

So when lunch came, with my friends as guides, we drove along V. Luna searching for that dining place that serves you fast, cheap and delicious food, carinderia style with a twist.

The restaurant welcomed us with a canteen or cafeteria-like ambiance. It has very minimal interiors. The ceiling is high to make the area ventilated to do away with air conditioning system. Electric fans were apt to make the customers comfortable. A fairly large number of people were already dining while others are in queue at the buffet table. We hurriedly got in line, ready to eat what our stomachs could endure and to our hearts content.
carinderia buffet 2

The restaurant offers about 50 different Filipino dishes including desserts. Starters include ensaladang talong, cucumber salad, kilawin and seaweed salad. Soups comprises tahong soup, pork sinigang, tinolang isda, and clam soup. For vegetable freaks, you will be delighted with pinakbet, tortang talong, adobong kangkong, ginisang toge, bamboo shoots, and ginataang langka. Considered low-end but equally delicious are fried galunggong, ginataang kuhol, dalagang bukid eskabeche, galunggong with tausi sauce. Other seafood choices are fried tilapia and bangus. Popular carinderia dishes like dinuguan, kare kare, pansit bihon, chicken afritada, chicken and pork adobo, fried lumpia, fried chicken, bopis and calderata awaits palates. To complete the menu are sweets like kamote and bananas in syrup and gelatin for desserts. Drinks are ordered and priced separately. You could go bottomless drinks for an additional Php 45.
carinderia buffet 1

Credit cards are not accepted in Carinderia Buffet so better be sure you have cash stashed in your pockets. VAT is not included in the Php 119. Usual buffet SOPs are no sharing and no leftovers as they would price customers double if they did just the opposite. One rule at the restaurant though that is quite unique and somewhat funny is that you could only stay for an hour to dine.

If fast, delicious and affordable food is what you’re looking for when you feel like pigging out, head on to Carinderia Buffet. You’ll surely get all your criteria checked.


Carinderia Buffet
Mabilis St., cor V. Luna
Quezon City

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