Monday, September 19, 2011

Breadtalk's Floss Buns

One of my favorite breads is Fire Floss of Bread Talk.

I was not initially a fan because of its price.  I was merely living by my allowance and later on my small salary. So I just pass through their store at SM The Block though I could not deny the fact that their breads smells outrageous.

My cousin, Bambi, introduced me to Bread Talk almost 2 years ago and I immediately became a convert.  I just love the floss!  I was not yet daring when it comes to hot and chillis so I stayed safe with the cheesy floss.  But as soon as I had the courage to eat spicy, I fell in love with their Hot Chic and Fire Floss.  I could even eat it without a drink.

To make this delectable bread, buns are spread with a buttery cream and then to it stuck the shredded pork floss either in cheese, hot or super hot flavors.  I love the combination of the cream and the floss in the sweet buns.


  1. Just want to share. I saw one seller in the internet selling pork floss. its very delicious. I bought several packs from him already.

    here is the link:

  2. Thanks for the info. I'm just wondering if you know how to make the filling or the cream where the floss sticks to.. thanks?


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