Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zamboanga's Barter

In the 70’s, Zamboanga is known of its barter or trading activities with its neighboring countries, Malaysia and Indonesia. Initiated by the late President Ferdinand Marcos, items from Malaysia and Indonesia come to the Philippines through the barter system without tax. Products like tea, coffee, meatloaf and malongs are at cheap prices at Zamboanga’s barter.

Now, the barter system no longer exists but what remains is an area where Moslems sell products like malong, hair turban, jewelry, bags, and pasalubongs like T-shirts, keychain and and ref magnets for tourists. There are still products from Malaysia like chocolates, coffee and tea at low prices although no products from the Philippines are sold in Malaysia just like in the barter system.

Malong all over
and Scarves too!
Meatloaf, noodles, tea, and coffee imported from Malaysia
T-shirts and keychain are good pasalubong.
Just 3 tips: Haggle, Haggle and Haggle. Haggle all your might as this is like the tiangge in Manila, you might jackpot with an item with rock bottom prices.
Zamboanga City

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