Friday, August 19, 2011

A Return to Chocolate Kiss Cafe

Kat and I, like most alumni of UP Diliman, missed eating at Chocolate Kiss, or sometimes called CKiss. It has and always been our favorite restaurant, serving our comfort food and favorite blueberry cheesecakes. There has been numerous events and meetings our group of friends held and it has always been Ckiss.


Kat was craving for basil so she took Red Pesto, while I took one of their house specialty faves, Chicken Kiev.

Red pesto is tomato based sauce with lots of herbs and basil.
Red Pesto, Php 170

Chicken kiev is roulade of chicken breast with a mixture of cream cheese, herbs and butter as filling. You could choose to pair it with rice or mashed potatoes. Buttered vegetables are also served as side dish.
Chicken Kiev, Php 205 (with rice), Php 225 (with mashed potatoes)

We added their signature bottomless iced tea. To sweeten their iced tea, customers are served with heavy sugar syrup.
Bottomless Iced Tea, Php 70

I was somewhat disappointed with their Kiev. The chicken was hard, seems like it was overcooked. But the filling still exquisite. As per Kat, the Red Pesto lacks the distinct basil taste, pestos are famous of.

As dessert, we got our all time favorite Blueberry Cheesecake. I was meaning to try their Prune cake just to forego the usual order of cheesecake but it was not available. Kat again was disappointed because the graham crust was crumbly and flaky. It was not the usual compact crust and it tasted less sweet. But the fine texture and taste of their cheesecake was superb!

ckiss blueberry
Blueberry Cheesecake

Somehow our expectations were not met. But maybe it was just one of those days. I just hope, when we had the chance to be at UP and eat at CKiss, the familiar taste that brings back memories will be there, embracing us.

Chocolate Kiss Café
Bahay ng Alumni
UP Diliman Quezon City
Opens Everyday from 7AM to 10 PM

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