Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pasonanca Park

I have read of the Pasonanca Park in history books. I am quite thrilled to finally step foot in a place I only get to know in my classes.

After our brunch at Mano Mano, we took a jeepney to Pasonanca Park. Since the park in itself is vast, our driver dropped us at the Treehouse, Zamboanga’s famous landmark.

Beside it is the Boy Scouts camping grounds with some old boy scouts and girl scouts do their afternoon clean up.

Pasonanca Park has 3 swimming pools its water coming from the mountains flowing from one swimming pool to another.

The second pool has slides which is a hit to teens and young adults.

With an entrance fee of Php 10, ZamboangeƱos flock the swimming pools for a cool down on a hot day.

Also, there’s an aviary in Pasonanca Park which houses a variety of birds. The entrance fee is a measly five peso, I don’t know how they maintain the aviary clean and a good place for birds to live in.

Not far away from the aviary is a butterfly farm and flower garden. Although their butterfly collection is small, it is worth a look with only Php 5.00 entrance. They have a breeding area where you could find caterpillar and pupa on their way to be beautiful butterflies.

Ellainne and I had a blast with an upclose look of the insects, butterflies and dragonflies, taking pictures of them and the flowers around them.
A collection of gumamela of various types, sizes and colors adorn the gardens of Pasonanca Park.

It’s worth to see the Pasonanca Park. Bring along extra clothes if you want to try their pools and slides. You might also want to pack some food for a nice picnic with your family and friends. There are a few vendors selling drinks and chips while there are others that sell fishballs and banana ques.

Spend an afternoon or waste a day at the Pasonanca Park. It’s one great relaxing experience to be with nature and Pasonanca Park will give you just that.

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