Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pasalubong Haven: Tiangge Tiangge

My mom has been raving about how cheap deep sea pearls are at Palawan. Her officemate who have gone to Palawan have talked about it nonstop, shopping for pearls became my mom’s objective. So after a sumptuous meal at Balinsasayaw, we decided to look for Tiange Tiange where the souvenirs and pasalubong are located.

The Tiangge Tiangge is a walking distance from Balinsasayaw so we decided to take a stroll.

Tiangge Tiangge houses all pasalubong ranging from t-shirts and clothes, handicrafts, food, jewelry, bags, and even stuff toys.  Half of it is housed in an airconditioned area while some stalls are located in the non-aircon.

tiangge tiangge

So while mom is haggling over pearls, I, armored with my camera, clicked away what my eyes fancied.

mom buying pearls

The Tiangge Tiangge is abundant with Tshirts of various designs.  Sizes ranges from XS to XXXL which could fit all body types.  There are also shirts for kids.  I bought my 11-month old nephew a Palawan shirt of his own.

Ladies would love shopping at the Tiangge Tiangge.  But there's no diamond at the pasalubong depot, just deep sea pearls adorning earings, rings, bracelets, necklace etc.  There are also fancy trinkets at a very reasonable price.  Haggle if you can as the locals give you a discount for volume purchases.


Dried fish or daing and other dried seafood are also sold in the Tiangge Tiangge.  They are relatively cheap as seafood is abundant in Palawan. 

Cashew nuts and some pastries made out of them like tarts, polvoron, peanut butter and pastillas are also sold as food pasalubongs.

Handicrafts made from bamboo, shells and other materials are also found at the Tiangge Tiangge.  Anitos statues and masks could adorn your walls.  Curtains and blinds from shells are also available.  I bought a ref magnet as remembrance of Palawan in addition to the many ref magnets I have of the places I've been too.

A shirt and a ref magnet, that's all I bought from Tiangge Tiangge.  Just don't aske about my mom and my brothers as they spent most of their money bringing home a little piece of Palawan back to our hometown.
Tiangge Tiangge
Lacao cor. Carandang St.
Puerto Princesa City

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  1. the pearls are uberly cheap there!! I had fun doing shopping at Tiangge Tiangge as well!



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