Monday, August 22, 2011

Mexican Dinner at Jalapeño Cantina Mexicana

After a text message from Kat on going to Robinsons Galleria Mallwide sale, I met up with her at Robinsons in time she is done with her shopping spree. Kat planned to go to Jalapeno Cantina Mexicana, so we drove from Galleria to Ortigas Home depot to experience a Filipinize Mexican dinner.

It was not our first time at Jalapeno. Our initial visit captured us and made us come back for good Mexican food. Kat obtained vouchers from Cashcash Pinoy for Php 500 worth of food for only 250Php.

Easily spotted due to its hanging sign board, Jalapeno Cantina Mexicana is a small Mexican diner serving authentic Mexican food and drinks. The dark wooden tables and chairs, the yellow-orange painted walls, the cellar full of liquor gives a warm but informal ambiance. Outside seating at the balcony and the exteriors of the restaurant invites customers for a true Mexican experience.


Inside the restaurant, customers are welcomed with interiors detailed to give foodie buffs the feel of a small cantina only found in Mexico. The subdued lighting, wooden floors, tables and chairs accentuate the rustic design maintaining the Mexican theme.

For starters we got a pitcher of Herbed Lemonade and Mexican Nachos.  I love thier lemonade because it is loaded with big slices of real lemons and mint leaves that gives it a zing.  Our lemonade was too sweet so we requested for another pitcher of water to tame its sweetness.  So it was like having one a half herbed lemonade. 
herbed lemonade
Herbed Lemonade, Php 155

The Mexican Nachos is plate load of tortilla topped with chili beef, sour cream, jalapenos, cheesy topping and mexican salsa.  Their serving is generously piled high, you could share it with 2 other people.
Mexican Nachos, Php 165

These alone were already stomach fillers.  By the time we ordered our main course we were full.  But we could not go home without a good meal so we browsed through the menu for a second look.

As main course Kat ordered the Seared Baja Fish Fillet while I got Grilled Chicken Mexicana.  Grilled Chicken Mexicana is grilled chicken fillet with corn salsa, beans, and tomato sauce.  You could have it with mexican rice or 2 pieces of tortilla.  I paired mine with rice.  Their chicken is juicy and tender and you could do away with the tomato sauce.  Their rice is also somewhat sweet due to the tomato sauce. Since I'm not a fond of beans, I didn't bother on tasting them. 
Grilled Chicken Mexicana, Php 175

The Seared Baja Fish Fillet (P185), is fish fillets with Mexi-rice, corn salsa and tomato sauce and beans.  The fish is deliciously marinated with a lot of herbs so it was a two thumbs up but I think this is how our Filipino culture intertwined with the Mexican cuisine as the recipe is probably not considered authentic Mexican.
Seared Baja Fish Fillet, Php 185

All in all, the food and the ambience makes a trip to Jalapeño worth it.  Food prices is fairly reasonable especially with its big and generous serving.  The next time we are back (as we still have another voucher), I hope to try their desserts and Kat's rave, their mojitos. 

jalapeno 2
Jalapeño Cantina Mexicana
Food Street, Ortigas Home Depot,
Julia Vargas Ave.,
Pasig City
Tel. No. 0920 608 9571

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