Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lantaka Hotel by the Sea

With the recommendation of Ellainne’s boss and also my previous professor, Sis Duday, we headed to Lantaka Hotel. We were welcomed by their enormous lobby and very helpful receptionists. With no reservations, we were lucky to have a seaside view room in the 3rd phase of their hotel.

We were then escorted to our majestic room with 3 beds which could comfortably accommodate 6 people (if 2 in a bed).

Also in the room is a small sala where you could have tea or merienda. The bathroom is equipped with a bath tub. Also the room is equipped with an aircondition unit and a small tv set which I guess was only an addition to the room since it doesn’t have its own table.

A view of the vast ocean and the islands of Sta Maria, still a part of Zamboanga and the famous Basilan.

The only major disappointment is our sink because it is clogged and the tiles are obviously old because it has carbonates all over it. Lantaka Hotel needs to heighten their maintenance to justify the prices of their rooms

Although vintage, the location of the hotel is perfect. It is walking distance to the city hall, to banks, and the main downtown area. Likewise, it is an arm’s reach away from Fort Pilar and Shrine, Paseo del Mar and Plaza del Pilar. It also offers facilities like an al fresco restaurant which offer a smorgasboard lunch at Php 250 and a large swimming pool.

Lantaka Hotel by the Sea
Zamboanga City
Tel No. (062) 991-2033 to 35

Standard Room
Single Occupancy (roadside) - Php 1,452
Single Occupancy (seaside) – Php 1,749
Double Occupancy (roadside) – Php 1,815
Double Occupancy (seaside) – Php 2,112
Single Occupancy (old building/phase3- seaside/roadside) – Php 1,551
Double Occupancy (old building/phase 2 – seaside/roadside) – Php 1,914

Lanai Room – Php 5,000

Suite Room
Room – Php 3,500
Half Suite – Php 8,000
Whole Suite – Php 10,000

Loft Suite
Whole Loft Suite – Php 15,000
Half Suite – Php 10,000
Loft – Php 6,000
Deluxe – Php 4,000

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