Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DIY Palawan vs. Palawan Tours Packages

There are 3 famous tours in Palawan:  Honda Bay Tour, Underground River Tour, City Tour.  If you would avail of packages the rates are as follows:
Honday Bay Tour - 1100/pax
Underground River Tour - 1500/pax
City Tour - 600/pax

What is good about Palawan is the standard rates of the tour packages.  Regardless you got your package from a hotel or a travel agency, the prices are the same.

To save on money, I decided to do away with the tour packages agencies are offering.  I decided to go with a Do it Yourself (DIY) Palawan.  In the DIY Palawan, the secret is just hiring a van and then viola, you have a tourguide and an insider of how to go about your Palawan Trip.  The van rental rates are standardized based on destination.

Van Rentals Rates
Honda Bay Tour - Php 1500
Underground River - Php 3000
City Tour - Php 1500 for the first 4 hours, 300Php for the succeeding hours

So for big groups like ours (we are 5 people), renting a van, renting banca, paying entrance fees, and securing the permits is the cheaper option.  I would share with you our tours in the succeeding posts which we did ourselves giving us tons of savings.

If you do not want to go through the hassle, the agency is your option. =)

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