Monday, August 1, 2011

Casa Fuerte, Abode in the 'City in the Forest'

Prologue:2 Days Before th Escape to Palawan

I have been preparing for our Puerto Princesa Trip since May, that is 2 months before our trip. That's how excited I am of going to Palawan.  It is a dream coming true for me and my family.

I have read all about Palawan and researched on how to avoid the expensive packages yet still have the convenient and worry free vacation. I have prepared a cost comparison excel price of our expenses.  That's how a girl scout I am. I have searched on cheap accomodations and have weighed all the pros and cons.  But while I'm still procastinating on making a call and reserve rooms, hoping to bump into a better deal, I found myself with no reservation 2 days shy of our schedule departure.  What happened to the Girl Scout?! Yikes!

So after going through another round of searching accomodations in the internet and calling one after the other (good thing there is Globe Unlicall), I got reservations at Casa Fuerte Bed and Breakfast for 2 nights.  Amidst our need of a 3-night stay, I grabbed the opportunity and made another reservation for our last night in Palawan somewhere.  Talk about going desperate.

Fast Forward to our Trip.
We arrive at the Palawan Airport excited.  While retrieving our bags, I could see the driver from Casa Fuerte with a welcome board, on it written my whole name. 
airport transfer

Casa Fuerte is about 15 minutes away from the airport and is a tricycle ride away from famous Palawan dining places like Kinabuch, Balinsasayaw, Kalui and the pasalubong depot, Tiange Tiange.

I was relieved that the pictures they have posted in their site is the real thing when I got at Casa Fuerte.  It is a Bali inspired inn with a lot of locally made handicrafts adorning the reception and dining area.


Big stones adorned the walls and the pathwalk while bamboo artworks stood as posts illuminating the place.


A Japanese open garden in the middle served as a convening place for all visitors who wants to talk or play the sunka.

Cogon huts accent the place and serve as shelter when the sun is high.

We were welcomed with a melon drink easing our thirst.
complimentary drinks

After filling up the forms, we were then escorted to our rooms.  Their rooms are big and cozy for 3 people, though their rate of Php 1400 is good for 2 people and the additional person is charged 350Php. We got 2 Deluxe rooms which are equipped with TV, aircondition, hot and cold shower, cabinet, towels and toiletries. Also included is daily breakfast!

The rooms and bathrooms are adorned with bamboo handicrafts, wood chopping boards and pebbles, sticking with their tiki design.

I was just thankful that amidst my on the last minute reservation, we still got a good place, a home away from home.

So when you go to Puerto Princesa, consider the place and you'll definitely go tiki crazy at Casa Fuerte!

casa fuerte
Casa Fuerte Bed and Breakfast
14 Libis Road, Brgy San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Contact Numbers:  63 48 434 1642
                              63 48 7232355 ( PLDT Palawan)
                              63 2 475 6757 (PLDT Manila)
Fax Numbers:        63 48 434 1885
Mobile Numbers:   63 905 288 3725 (Globe)
                              63 999 696 2323 (Smart)
Email Address:
Check In Time: 2 PM
Check Out Time: 12 NN

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