Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bona's Chao Long

There are a lot of Vietnamese restaurant or cheap diner in Puerto Princesa. On the way back from our Underground River Tour, Kuya Jomat explained that not a long time ago, Vietnamese nationals reside in Palawan, bringing with them their cooking and specialty food.

Recommended by Kuya Jomat is Bona’s Chao Long. He considers this as the best tasting chao long. Chao long is a Vietnamese cuisine which is a beef stew with Pho noodles in a sweet tomato soup.

Out of curiosity, we requested Kuya Jomat to drop us off at Bona’s Chao Long to taste the most raved Vietnamese delicacy. When we arrived at the diner, it was nothing but empty, we waited for a group to leave and we hurriedly grabbed the table. We got Chao Long for each of us and in addition, we ordered garlic bread to pair it with the beef stew.
 chao long 5
There is also monggo sprout given to add in the beef stew.

chao long 4

I am not at all awed with the taste of Chao Long. It was too sweet for me. But the serving is very generous at Php45. It is not a wonder why people share tables in the place, always crowded, as it is patronized by locals.
chao long 3

chao long
Bona's Chao Long
Manalo Extension,
Puerto Princesa, Palawan

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